WiSA has developed automation systems for irrigation control for over 15 years.

Our automation systems can be applied to any industry – we have products working in applications as diverse as Horticulture, Viticulture, Pastoral farming, parks and gardens, hydroponics, turf, golf courses, forestry, waste water, mining and municipal.

Precise Measurement

WiSA systems are the control centre for flood irrigation automation with precise data significantly increases time efficiencies for our customers. Automated irrigation scheduling allows the system to optimise soil moisture, and reduce time spent on irrigating by farmers.

Intelligent Monitoring

Monitoring of information specific to our customer's needs is made simple through our unique software and reliable hardware. Respond quickly with informed decisions to time critical issues. Know that you can rely on real time alerts if problems arise…

Optimised Irrigation

Irrigate and fertigate only when your crops need it creating maximum benefit to your crops and increasing production. Whilst Reducing your costs, saving water, your time, electricity and fertiliser.

Enhanced Yield and Cost Reduction

Input usage and costs are reduced including water, time, labour, electricity and fertilisers whist ensuring the optimal use of water and maximum benefit to the plant or crop, increasing yield.