Simple & Smart
Irrigation Management

automation, monitoring &
real time analysis.

WiSA telemetry equipment communicates back to a central computer via the base station

The base station and base station radio act as the interface between the PC and the radio field units. With the radio mounted on an external mast, and connected only via data cable to the base station, we establish greater range by eliminating coaxial cable runs. The radio is available in various frequencies to suit different applications and regions.

Field units are available with a number of
different modules to suit various applications

  • Rechargeable 12v battery
  • Solar panel
  • Antenna – mounted and complete on an aluminium mast
  • Communicates to base station via licence free radio

The Pump shed module is designed to suit the busy environment of the modern pump shed.

  • Mains powered via transformer, with optional battery backup
  • 24 x 24VAC outputs for controlling valves, pumps, filters, or other ancillary equipment
  • 8x configurable inputs to suit typical sensors for flow, pressure, level, etc

AquaLink enables growers to perform all functions required to monitor and control their irrigation and environmental sensors

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Responsive Weather Monitoring
  • Flexible Shift Programming
  • Fully Automatic
IBIS station

Let the Ibis Bay Sensor watches the water for you.

  • Place the Ibis in the flood irrigation bay at the point you wish to be alerted of the water front’s presence.
  • Available in radio, to interface with Aqualink through your base station, or cellular to send you a test message when triggered.
  • When the radio model is integrated with your complete WiSA automation solution Aqualink can use the cut-off time to end the irrigation on the running bay and adjust the runtime of subsequent bays.