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Leaders in Irrigation Automation Technology.

WiSA farm and irrigation automation is an Australian owned, 2nd generation family company specialising in environmental products, projects and irrigation management solutions.

WiSA farm and irrigation automation services all farm, and irrigation needs to the agricultural, viticultural, civil, building an environmental industry, across Australia and throughout the world.

WiSA farm and irrigation automation brings an Unrivalled and unique market position to any project, specialising in all facets of supply, logistics, project management, environmental monitoring and a total irrigation management solution.

For nearly 30 years, WiSA farm and Irrigation Solutions Has been supporting our clients to deliver best on farm irrigation management practises.

WiSA’s hardware has been tested and developed since the mid 90's to withstand the harshest climates in Australia and around the world. WiSA Continues to support our clients by developing new products to meet our customer’s needs.

Key Benefits include:

- Modular design allowing users to grow the system overtime.
- Built with high specification components to withstand the harsh conditions.
- Full integration with new and existing irrigation infrastructure including drip, micro sprinklers,
lateral pivots, high flow flood, hydroponics.
- Software options including On Farm or Cloud based Software

Wisa - History

Our History

Established in Australia in 1996, WiSA is focused on providing solutions to meet the needs of farmers to improve the efficiency of their irrigation systems.

With ever increasing demand on our limited water resources and the desire to increase productivity, WiSA has continued to develop proven Automation Control Systems to improve the operation and efficiency of irrigation systems.

Wisa - Vision

Our Vision

WiSA is dedicated to enhancing global sustainability practices. We recognise that we have a critical role in developing the best innovative solutions to our customers, and to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Wisa - Core Values

Our Core Values

Our team are passionate about water efficiency and sustainable irrigation practices. We follow our core values in everything we do: Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Partnership, Environmental Responsibility

Wisa - Partners

Our Partners

We partner with each and every one of our customers around the world to deliver the best possible solutions to their specific needs.

Wisa - System

Our System

The WiSA system communicates wirelessly, using either low powered radio telemetry or through 3G, which ensure no cables where they are not wanted.

All WiSA control systems can be logged into remotely using either mobile telemetry or internet connections, so you don't even need to be on site to make decisions. Weekend irrigation/work can be easily monitored from the comforts of home or when travelling or interstate.

Wisa - What We Deliver

What we deliver

We partner with our customers around the world to deliver:

- Precise measurement and monitoring;

- Intelligent control and Automation; and

- Sustainability and cost efficiency.

Wisa - Leaders In Irrigation
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We have over 600 installations around the globe.

We have over 600 installations around the globe -  WiSA farm and irrigation automation