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Our systems collect data from a wide range of sensors to give a complete picture of conditions on your property.

Our Software options support an extensive range of sensors which can be tailored to your needs including, but not limited too:


Weather stations

(whether they be complete units or individual sensors)

  • Temperature probes
  • Soil moisture probes
  • Water quality including ph, EC
  • Plant sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Paddle Switches
  • Actuation valves
  • Pressure sensors
  • Injection pumps etc

All data and information is recorded and can be viewed in a graphical interface allowing for quick easy interpretation of data.

This data can be configured to trigger start and stop for the irrigation system based on weather, rain and soil moisture to allow complete automation with water on demand.

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We have over 600 installations around the globe.

We have over 600 installations around the globe -  WiSA farm and irrigation automation