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Wisa Water Quality

The chemical, physical and biological conditions of water combined form its quality. Even minute changes in these characteristics can jeopardize the life and industries that depend on water. To preserve its quality, monitoring water parameters such as conductivity, pH, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity is crucial. WiSA offers a broad selection of water quality sensors that cater to both simple spot sampling requirements and complex unattended monitoring projects.


Water temperature could be the most frequent parameter measured. It is altered daily by weather conditions, and, over time, by climate change and environmental degradation. Water temperature has a tremendous impact on water density which controls stratification. Temperature measurement technology comes standard on many multi-parameter meters and sondes.


In an industrial world, pH is the immediate indicator of water quality change. Pollution from acid mine drainage, acid rain and industrial discharge can quickly alter the normal pH of a water system. Constant monitoring through real-time data can help restore a body of water to a healthy environment before it becomes toxic.

Conductivity and Salinity

Easily affected by outside chemical influx, conductivity and salinity measurements are especially important in areas near agriculture and roadways. These measurements can be taken with multi-parameter sondes and meters.

Dissolved Oxygen

A high ion concentration decreases the amount of oxygen present in water, hindering the survival of fish and aquatic plants. Dissolved oxygen measurements require precise technology and accurate readings. DO testing has been revolutionized with cutting-edge luminescent optical dissolved oxygen technology that enables interference-free, stirring- independent equipment held in the palm of the hand.

Spot Sampling

For efficient and easy water quality readings, WiSA offers many multi- parameter meters and sondes that fit the needs of any project. Meters are available in single- or multi- parameter configurations, while sondes are designed to house many different water quality sensors including temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll and algae.

Long-Term Monitoring

Long-term monitoring projects require remote, real-time data.


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We have over 600 installations around the globe.

We have over 600 installations around the globe -  WiSA farm and irrigation automation