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 WiSA farm and irrigation automation

Welcome to WiSA

WiSA has been a leader in irrigation control and automation technology for nearly 30 years.

WiSA solutions integrate with existing irrigation infrastructure, removing the need to change your existing equipment.

Our systems are modular by design, allowing customers to add to the system over time.

WiSA technology is equally applicable to all farm types and irrigation methods, and is currently being used successfully across the world.

We partner with our customers to deliver sustainable irrigation practices and financial benefits.

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WiSA has developed automation systems for irrigation control for over 25 years. Our automation systems can be applied to any industry -

We have products working in applications as diverse as Horticulture, Viticulture, Pastoral farming, parks and gardens, hydroponics, turf, golf courses, forestry, waste water, mining and municipal.

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We partner with our customers around the world to deliver

How WiSA Works

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What Our Clients Say

"WiSA is at the very leading edge of irrigation technology. If you are not using the WiSA system, you are not getting the best out of your farm."

Paul Bidwell Avocado farmer WA Australia - Wisa Irrigation

Paul Bidwell, Avocado farmer, WA, Australia.

"Nothing has ever been too difficult for the WiSA team and the manner they have gone about fulfilling our requests has always been without issue."

Angove family winemakers Victoria Australia - Wisa Irrigation

Angove family winemakers, Victoria, Australia

"Great service, long time customers, well above the rest of their competition"

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Satisfied Customer, Victoria, Australia

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We have over 600 installations around the globe.

We have over 600 installations around the globe -  WiSA farm and irrigation automation