WiSA 10 – Aqualink delivers the grower information and gives control at their fingertips.

The software can integrate any number of field units, providing a consistent user interface regardless of size. It’s simple, easy to use design allows growers to fully utilise this powerful tool, whether using only 4 probes and 4 valves, or for a very large system.

Real-time alerts

WiSA 10 – AquaLink provides alerts and warnings via e-mail, SMS or direct dial. Users are updated with any issues or events immediately.

Continuous Monitoring

WiSA 10 – AquaLink ensures that the irrigation system is performing at it’s most efficient by monitoring flow meters, pressure sensors, flow switches and other electrical sensors continuously. Sensors can be linked to specific valves and pumps, and total flow can be checked against the current set of valves open. Powerful, user definable macros within WiSA 10 – AquaLink allow users to determine exactly what action, if any is to be taken if a problem does occur.

Responsive Weather Monitoring

By continually monitoring weather and environmental conditions, WiSA 10 – AquaLink can respond instantly to situations such as frost, high temperature and high wind. In fact, any sensor connected to the system can initiate a priority or protective irrigation event. And protection doesn’t stop there, as the Intelligent Irrigation System can also operate wind generators, heaters or any other equipment designed to protect crops. It runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week ensuring that crops are continually protected.

Flexible Shift Programming

Any valve from any unit can be combined at the click of a button, and calculated flow rates are displayed to ensure optimal system performance is maintained. It provides for multiple programs and multiple program sequences, enabling growers to irrigate what they want – when they want. Irrigation can be scheduled to run on a timer basis, with very flexible start, stop and frequency parameters.

Fully Automatic

In manual mode, the system functions as a fully configurable data logger, downloading data from the field units, and presenting the information as required. Valves and pumps will only start when the user decides and will remain open until the grower closes them with a click of the mouse. In semi-automatic mode, it expands into the most configurable and flexible timer on the market. Fully featured programming and flexible start times gives growers the ability to irrigate when and how they desire. In fully automatic mode, growers are provided with total irrigation management, responding instantly to the changing conditions, continually maintaining the desired growing conditions with a speed and precision unrivaled by any other irrigation management system.